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City Councillor, Eastern Ward, Wellington, NZ

The Second Term for Swamp!

This has been a very busy second term as councillor, I have a steady stream of requests for help from residents around the Eastern Suburbs, often for a simple issue I can often help resolve.

Council also has a robust series of projects to deliver on, a convention centre, a film museum, a tech hub and to investigate the viability of an airport extension.

One of my responsibilities is for the small/medium business owner. I take a great interest in how retail is doing and I am pleased to say council has recognised that retail is crucial for our city. With support for the Wearable Art Award Show, Christmas activities and and promotion and also supporting local business communities with our Business Improvement District (BID) policy we are budgeting support.

Wellington Issues


State Highway 1 traffic to and from our international airport through the eastern suburbs is bad and forecast to get worse.  The Mount Victoria tunnel was built to cope with traffic 80 years ago, NZTA has said it needs to be done but it needs clear council support for this project. The tunnel is a "must have" to provide a better route for public transport, cars, trucks, cyclists and pedestrians. However after the debacle with the Basin Bridge project the tunnel project has been pushed back...tongue in cheek but probably next century!

Wellington's Economy:

Wellington is already recognised as one of the worlds most liveable cities, it is a pretty darn good place to live. Certainly we still grumble about a rubbish bin not being emptied or grass not being cut but Wellington is relatively safe, clean and with a stimulating culture. However our economy has not been growing fast enough in line with its liveability.

A strong economy is crucial for a successful city. It provides jobs, your income, the money from businesses available to sponsor our sports clubs, the City Mission and Westpac Chopper. Our focus needs to be on attracting more business to the city or providing an environment with minimum barriers for our smart Wellington minds to create their own industries.

The equation is simple more Business provides more jobs and that is more people paying rates so the rates burden falls across more people. 

I want to keep pushing to build the momentum behind Wellington's economy.  Six years ago council had limited focus on our economy and being a city that should be "Open for Business".  Now council has staff tasked with city growth and we have some serious growth projects.... but there is plenty of work still to do!


I realise that there are other issues and ideas that you would like to share. One thing I have learned is that council does not have a monopoly on good ideas and sensible opinions, so please email me yours at

Who Is Simon “Swampy” Marsh?

Swampy has been a voice of Wellington radio for many years, he was one of the original owners of MoreFM and now together with his partner Chrissie runs the successful radio advertising business,

Simon and Chrissie have  lived all over Miramar Peninsula and still pop up at open homes to see what's going on. Sam, their son, went to school here and their daughter Flis and family visit so Swampy can demonstrate the fine points of fishing for spotties off the Karaka Bay wharf.

They spend hours gabbing to fellow dog owners on Worser Bay beach when they have Charlie their retriever out for a walk or over a coffee in a local café. If you see him and want a chat, don't be shy!

What has he done ?

Swampy has been a communicator, using his abilities to assist both large and small Wellington businesses to grow and become more successful.

Along with his years as a voice on Wellington Radio, Swampy has given freely of his business skills and voice to the community. He has involved himself with Enterprise Miramar Peninsula, Wellington City Mission, Te Omanga Hospice, and Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal, as a board member of Autism NZ, the local school gala committee and as a Trustee on the Wellington Museums Trust Board, Wellington Zoo and now the Westpac Stadium Board.

Into his second term as Eastern Ward Councillor he knows there is always more he can do. He has a good understanding of how to get things done and how to be your voice on the Wellington City Council.

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