Council has been busy; coming up is just a glimpse of what I have been up to lately as your Eastern Ward Councillor. Some stuff you will already know about and some you may not:

First up thanks to those who have offered fences for my election signs, I really do appreciate the support and if there are any others who can help with a fence please let me know.  

Miramar parking hit the headlines last week. I’ve exchanged emails or spoken with some of you in the past about the parking problem and despite appearing as though council is doing nothing believe me officers are investigating all sorts of options. Nothing will happen without consultation. Personally I am not keen on residents being charged to park, are you?

A disadvantage of the flat land in the Eastern suburbs is the poor drainage, during a high tide the stormwater drains are actually filled with sea water. So some heavy rain coupled with very high tides has resulted in localised flooding again. WCC together with Wellington Water knows most of the hotspots in Kilbirnie and Strathmore etc. Work on a pumping station for Kilbirnie is nearly up to the design stage. Monorgan Road needs a solution next.

I was looking at the erosion in Lyall Bay along Queens Drive by Dorrie Leslie Park (fingers crossed the seawall remedial budget will be approved next week). I was reminded that the Ocean Exploration Centre hopes to build across the road from here. Victor Anderlini and Judy have been running the really popular Island Bay Marine Education Centre and to expand into Lyall Bay would provide a great attraction. Do you like this site for the centre?

East by West Ferries are keen to run an airport ferry, imagine a 7 minute service from the CBD to Burnham or Miramar wharf vicinity connecting with an airport shuttle. In summer dropping in at Shelly Bay as well. Is Miramar/Burnham the best site for the ferry terminal?

I mentioned “Eyes On” recently; it is a successful communication network with retailers sharing information with each other about shoplifters and other safety issues via emails in real time.  Some of you asked for more detail

Another local club with a big rebuild programme is the Worser Bay Boating Club. They have been around since the 1920’s. The current building suffered storm damage, the wall cladding has deteriorated and there is some asbestos in the roof. Their plans look impressive but have needed some changes to raise the building and extend it north a litle. Worser Bay looks so colourful when it’s packed with an OK class dinghy regatta. Is this spot missing a café?

CentrePort have finished their drop in sessions on the impact of dredging the harbour entrance. Their experts have highlighted where they believe it will impact Worser Bay, and Fort Dorset. Council’s Parks & Reserves team will be discussing how to minimise these effects. In fact I will be pushing for resilience work around Worser Bay which may dovetail into any dredging impact repairs. Would you support this?


That’s it for now but please let me know if you can help with a spot for my sign

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