Simon “Swampy” Marsh May 2016

Your Eastern Ward City Councillor

Hi there

Alleluia it’s raining mayoral candidates! six so far, however council has some serious work before this year’s election, I hope you don’t mind me passing on some of what is affecting us out East.

· Cobham Drive, for years NZTA has resisted our calls to provide a safe crossing across this 70k stretch of SH1 by the ASB Centre. Tragically a pedestrian has died trying to cross this road. We have again called for action. The transport agency is waiting for the Coroner’s report and review but has promised to work on a solution with council. What’s best bridge, traffic lights, perhaps an underpass at the end of Calabar Rd? Please let me know what you think.

· $6m has been earmarked for Eastern Suburbs cycle improvements. We’ve got to do better than Island Bay with more community input. So far there have been drop in sessions and hopefully your submissions (closed 24/5) more info at What is the main bike route in the Eastern Suburbs?

· Funding for the Lyall Bay foreshore resilience plan, retaining funding for Lyall Bay Surf Lifesaving and a sports hub in the Poneke clubrooms are all issues in this year’s annual plan. What do you think, should council be spending money on these and other projects?

· Parking around Miramar and Strathmore is continuing to cause stress, many of you have commented on the rental cars, the airline travelers and even the vehicle imports that are slowly using up suburban parking spaces. Not only that but rental vehicles are blocking bus routes in areas such as Mapuia Rd. I’m meeting with WCC CEO and other ward councillors in the next few weeks; we need to develop a suite of parking options here. Any suggestions?

· Dredging the harbor entrance is planned by CentrePort, it will have an effect on our side of the harbor, find out more at

· A Festival of Cycling is proposed by Enterprise Miramar early next year. A variety of events around the peninsula is planned including mountain biking, BMX, a road sprint and demonstrations by “The Kids on Bikes” programme. What else could we include in this?

· Shoplifting is a big cost to business, WCC, the Police and the Inner City Retail group has been running “Eyes On”, a programme in the CBD where retailers connect with each other in real-time when they identify shoplifters entering their store. Kilbirnie and other businesses will soon be offered training on how it works through the new Kilbirnie Business Group.

· Shelly Bay has had a few proposals put forward for its use and development. A caravan park beside the Chocolate Fish, expansion of the film facilities, a gondola up to the prison etc. Sadly the site is deteriorating and a chunk of the skinny jetty by the road was smashed by the sea and wind recently. Fortunately the timber went to a good home, not the dump.

· Finally, its election time soon, if you have a highly visible fence or know of one for my signage please let me know, I’d really appreciate it.

Simon “Swampy” Marsh

Eastern Ward City Councillor 021-922-196


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